Cases 21/05/2021

Shop Dengo

Located in São Paulo, the new concept store of Dengo, a premium chocolate brand that essentially brings sustainability as purpose and practice, is the first building in height built with CLT in Brazil.

The project has 4 floors and was developed by the architecture firm Matheus Farah and Manoel Maia. The slabs are from CLT, a novelty in the Brazilian market, which has been gaining space and importance in world civil construction. The imported slabs were supplied by Urbem, an Amata company, which is in the process of implementing the first national large-scale engineered wood factory, which has all the technical expertise of KLH for, an Austrian pioneer in the production of CLT panels. The beams and pillars, on the other hand, were produced by the Brazilian company rewood, which was also responsible for assembling the wooden structure.

Shop Dengo Photo Gallery

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