Cases 12/08/2021

Pompéia house

With 200m² of built-up area, the house designed by the architectural firm 23 Sul, located in São Paulo at Pompéia, favors natural lighting and ventilation to create a light and organic look. With straight lines and wide spaces, the project was developed by bringing together pre-industrialized construction systems, such as steel columns and beams and mass timber products.

The use of mass timber, for example, was essential to make the house lighter, not only visually, but also physically, bringing economy to the foundation stage of construction. It also creates contrast with concrete and gives warmth to the rooms.

For Ana Belizario, head of new business at Urbem, the company which supplied the CLT (Cross-laminated timber), another advantage of engineered wood is directly related to the construction site. “We worked with 3 people for the assembly, for about 10 days. That’s fast, without waste generation and with a reduction of risks at the construction site”, explains the executive.

The project was developed seeking full integration between the internal and external environments. Two skylights cut through the house, giving natural light to the spaces and ensuring the air circulation. The double height and the large glass panels allow the landscaping to come through the room. The porch and its cutouts bring the garden and pool inside. The house also has solar heating and energy generation via voltage plates and a cistern to collect rainwater.

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