Amata is a Brazilian company that was born with the purpose of keeping forests standing. We have been in operating for 15 years in a commitment to best practices,and today we have four forestry operations in the Brazilian territory. Connected with the most innovative market trends, Amata brings engineered wood to the civil construction sector, pioneering large-scale technology in the country.

The Urbem brand reaches the civil construction market driven by our conviction to use the strength of the forest to build, today, the cities of future. A purpose based on a robust, versatile, innovative and sustainable material: engineered wood.



We deliver what we promise and are transparent in our actions. We act ethically, especially when no one sees. We cultivate and value the positive image of the company.


We guarantee a safe environment (physically and emotionally healthy) for everyone. We identify unsafe acts and seek to act through the best solution. We have a sense of urgency and an attitude to provide relief. We immediately stop any activity in an unsafe situation.


We are genuine in our relationships, we promote the integration of areas and people.

We listen carefully, we know how to listen and we express ourselves in a simple and effective way to different audiences. We encourage the development of people (the success of the other is also mine). We understand the strength of the collective. We are stronger if we are together.


We act based on understanding and meeting the client’s pain. We build and promote alliances. We have the capacity to promote win-win negotiations. We always seek to generate a feeling of positive experience.


We take risks by assessing all possible impacts in a conscious and sustainable manner. We deliver with quality and a deadline. We are resilient. We seek to achieve the company’s results by working towards a common goal.


In addition to the financial return, AMATA shareholders are concerned with investing their resources in companies and projects committed to sustainable development. For them, transparency, ethic, the socio-environmental and economic balance of operations are essential principles.

AMATA Investimentos e Participações (AIP)

Holding that gathers the shareholding held by the founders of AMATA.

BNDES Participações S.A. (BNDESPAR)

Investment arm of the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES). Among other objectives, it supports the development of projects that include new technologies in its processes.

Aquila Waldinvest III GmbH & CO.KG (Aquila)

German independent investment company present in more than ten locations worldwide. It invests in projects and companies focused on sustainability.

Urbis Equity Investment Fund (Urbis)

FIP Urbis is an investment fund owned by Guilherme Leal.


AMATA’s management is based on participatory management. Through collegiate decisions, shareholders, directors and employees are part of our boards and committees to discuss the main issues and business strategies, seeking for a common good and the growth of the company.

As an assumption present since the elaboration of its business plan, AMATA understands that any decisions must be made considering the impacts for the company and for the world. With this in mind, the Strategy and Sustainability committees were brought together, directly related to the company’s Strategic Planning, reflecting on the direction the company should take, considering the main dilemmas and complexities of the broad sustainability agenda.



With 25 years of experience in the Chemical, Petrochemical and Renewable Energy markets. Ana Bastos comes from the British multinational British Petroleum, which operates in more than 100 countries, where she led the 2nd generation ethanol business and the Biofuels Division in Brazil.

At AMATA since 2018, she came to act as CEO, structuring the new phase of the company, leading the 4 forestry operations and the AMATA industrial project in the City.



Alex Holanda has a degree in Economics from PUC and an MBA in Corporate Finance from FGV. He has accumulated experiences in the financial area over 30 years in companies from different sectors.

At AMATA, he joined in 2008 to structure the Financial, Accounting, Tax, Human Resources, Legal and IT departments, becoming a partner and CFO of the company.


Operation Paraná

Patrick Reydams is a forest engineer graduated from UFPR, with a specialization in Industrial Management from CEFET – PR and an MBA in Business Management from FGV. Working in the industrial area,he specialized in Wood Technology.

At AMATA since 2013, he has been an Operations Manager, in addition to being a member of the Executive Committee.



Ana Belizário is an architect graduated from the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of the University of São Paulo in 2006. She worked for 10 years in the real estate market, specializing in development.

At AMATA since 2016, she is a Project Manager, leading Amata’s new business focused on civil construction.



Matheus Zonete is a forest engineer graduated from the University of São Paulo in Piracicaba (ESALQ). He holds a master’s degree from the same institution in the area of quantitative methods in economics and has a post-graduate degree from INSPER in São Paulo.

At AMATA since 2011, he is responsible for generating the best forest planning and also for the definitions of management, silvicultural treatments, monitoring of forest development through inventories and the technological development of operations.



Gabriel Moreira has a degree in mechatronic engineering with an MBA in Finance from IBMEC. He was responsible for the Performance Management area of the paper, pulp and industrial BUs at Suzano Papel e Celulose and also for the implementation of a new Business Unit at EMBRAER.

At AMATA since 2015, he is currently responsible for AMATA’s treasury, financial planning, accounting and tax areas.



Vanessa Pereira has a law degree from FMU, she has over 20 years of experience in the field of Corporate Law. At AMATA since 2011, she was responsible for articulating the legal area, with an initial focus on corporate structuring of the company and contract management in general.

She performed activities of great relevance in her specialty, which led her to embrace the management of the Sustainability area from this year onwards.

Her legal techniques were incorporated into social and environmental routines, as well as her important role in forest certification processes.



Fernanda Torres Dias has a degree in Human Resources and a post-graduate degree in People Management from FMU, she has over 10 years of experience in all subsystems in the area: Personnel Administration, T&D, R&S, Benefits and Compensation. At AMATA since 2013, she was part of the consolidation of the 4 forest operations through excellent performance in all certifications – FSC and Empresa B. She acted strongly in the dissemination of the organization’s culture and in the regularity of human resources processes, generating a positive impact on the lives of people and the company as a whole.



Carlos Nunes has a degree in Business Management from UNAMA, Business Administration from UCDB, and an MBA in Forest Management from UFPR. He worked for almost 10 years in the administrative-financial area at a multinational in the mining segment. At AMATA since 2015, he joined to add with his administrative experience, and is currently the manager of Pará Operation.



Josimar Barbosa has a degree in Business Administration, accumulated experience in the administrative and operational area over 15 years in companies in the silvicultural sector in several states in Brazil.

At AMATA since 2012, he joined to start the operation of the MS, in which he currently acts as Operation Manager.



Pieter Pool has a degree in Foreign Trade with an MBA in Logistics Management from the Federal University of Paraná. He was Supply Chain Manager for Latin America at PVS International, an Arab multinational in the wood segment. In 2013 he was invited by TREE to build the Commercial and Supply area, which were responsible for all the commercialization of Pinus and Eucalyptus wood in North America, Guatemala, South Africa, Vietnam and Puerto Rico.

At AMATA since 2018, he joined the Paraná operation team as a Commercial Manager.



Luizinho Souza has a degree in Forest Engineering from UNEMAT and he is a specialist in Environmental Management, Auditing and Licensing. He worked as a rural extension worker in agrarian reform settlements in the state of Pará and Forest Coordinator in Forest Management in the state of Mato Grosso.

At AMATA, he entered in 2011 as a Trainee Engineer to assist in field activities, coming to assume responsibility as a forest coordinator. Today he manages activities related to the forestry and industrial business at the Rondônia branch.


AMATA prioritizes sustainable development, covering social, economic and environmental aspects in all its activities. We work according to the most reputable certifications available to guarantee the proper origin of the forest product and its traceability throughout the entire production chain. We seek to establish community economic and social development strategies in our operations, understanding that our economic success must be achieved through respect and social responsibility.

Currently, the Strategy and Sustainability Committee is composed of representatives of shareholders, executives and independent directors. Know more about the main executives of AMATA [+]

amata certificada fsc


AMATA is a signatory to the “Policy for associations of organizations with FSC®”, through which it commits itself not to carry out a series of activities, among them: the cutting and marketing of illegal wood and the violation of traditional and human rights in the with regard to forestry operations.

Click here and access the FSC Self-Declaration [+]

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AMATA is a company certified by B Corporation, according to the commitment that its operations and business model positively impact its workers, community, environment and customers. From its supply chain and input materials to its your charitable donations and employee benefits.

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Our goals and values are guided by our commitment to sustainable development. We believe in wood as a renewable resource capable of generating a positive impact on our planet, that is why we know the importance of all our operations and we work responsibly to ensure that all our actions are environmentally correct, economically viable and socially fair.


We conduct a controlled and responsible management of our natural resources, respecting the environment and meeting the strict requests of environmental agencies, avoiding deforestation and collaborating to reduce global warming.


We produce efficiently, avoiding waste and helping our customers to be more sustainable through renewable solutions, generating income and jobs, contributing to a greener economy.


We conduct our company in an ethical manner, respecting our employees, collaborators and local communities, seeking to generate a positive contribution to the entire society.


To access our sustainability report for the years 2017, 2018 and 2019, click here

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